Cain and Abel: Overcome By Sin Activity Worksheet | Ep. 005

Our show this week studies the power that sin and evil had over Cain. He had no faith in God, and God saw the unbelief in his heart. We focus on the importance of repentance and loving and caring for others as God does for us.

This activity worksheet can be used for kids ages 6-12 years as they listen to the Donuts and Devos Podcast Episode 005. Kids can use this activity sheet to engage with the devotion and help them further their understanding of God’s Word.

Get Your Activity Worksheet for Episode 005!

Activity Worksheet for Episode 005

Parents and/or guardians are encouraged to do the second page of our activity sheet with their kids anytime after our podcast episode. This side is meant for kids to be able to talk more about our devotion with an adult and to help kids strengthen their confidence in praying and talking to God.

For your younger listeners, you can print out our free coloring pages for this episode to help keep their attention.

Listen to Donuts and Devos Episode 004!

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