Activity Worksheets for Podcast

Podcast Activity Worksheets for Kids

It can be challenging to keep kids’ attention for a length of time. I know my 8 year old struggles with this, but he seems to do much better when he has something in front of him to work on.

Our podcast activity worksheets for kids are designed to help your child follow along with our podcast show. These worksheets are meant to be fun and engage your child during our show. Specific sections were created to keep kids’ attention focused and help them remember what they learned throughout the week.

The front page of our activity sheets are desogned to be used during the show. The back page/second page is intended for parents/caregivers and kids to do together as they pray for others and remember what they learned during Donuts and Devos time.

Fill in the Blanks

The Fill in the Blanks section is for our Bible Reading segment of our show. Kids can listen to the Bible reading and “fill in the blanks” as directed. If they aren’t able to complete it during the show, no worries! They can find our Bible reading on a different day and finish it as they can.

Word Check

This section of the activity worksheet is for our “devo time”. Each week there will be certain words our young listeners can listen out for. When they hear the words on their list, they can put a check mark by it. This will help kids remember what the devotion was about when they hear those familiar words.

Memory Verse Copywork

We are encouraged to “hide God’s Word in our hearts” (Psalm 119:11). What better way to do that than have our kids memorize God’s Word! Every show will highlight a specific Bible verse to memorize. To help children with their memory verse, there is a section where they can write their memory verse down. This copywork is a great way to memorize and work on their developing writing skills as well (BONUS!).

Drawing Space

Many kids like to draw and we took that into consideration when creating these worksheets. There is a blank area for kids to draw what they heard during our devotion. It can also be used for more space to write their memory verse if need be. Let their artistic side come to life as they hear God’s Word and learn!

Activity worksheets for kids for the podcast Donuts and Devos.
Example of our Creation worksheet from Donuts and Devos Podcast Episode 002

Side 2 of Activity Worksheets

This second page of our activity worksheets is to enhance the main point of the week’s show. It’s also to help kids think more about Jesus.

The My Prayers this Week section will encourage children to write down names of people they’d like to pray for throughout the week.

The right hand top corner will feature a Bible verse to read and small coloring picture. Below that there will be a feature word from our devotion for kids to make various other words out of.

Activity worksheets for kids for the podcast Donuts and Devos.

New Activity Sheet Weekly

We will have an activity sheet available for every episode of Donuts and Devos. All sheets will be emailed directly to our Donuts and Devos community, so be sure to subscribe so you never miss out!

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