Cain and Abel: Overcome By Sin Coloring Pages | Ep. 005

Our fifth episode of Donuts and Devos is more of a somber one. The story of Cain and Abel is often glossed over in Sunday school and children’s Bibles. We can learn a very important lesson from these two brothers, particularly Cain.

Cain was an unbeliever. He had no faith, and allowed jealousy and anger to fill his heart. He then killed his brother, with no feelings of repentance or sorrow. He was truly overcome by evil.

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”

Romans 12:21

Our memory verse is one that complements this Bible story perfectly. We are sinful by nature, but saved by the blood of Jesus. Let’s help our chidlren remember to not let sin overpower them, because God can overcome all the evil in the world.

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Memory Verse Coloring Page for Episode 005

Memory Verse Romans 12:21

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