“Epiphany” Coloring Page/Activity Sheet | Ep. 035

Epiphany is both a day and a season in the church year. The day is January 6 and the season is the time between January 6 and the beginning of Lent. It’s one of the three oldest festivals that Christians celebrate. On our devotion this week, we read about Simeon, a god-fearing man who had been promised by the Holy Spirit that he wouldn’t die until he had seen Jesus, the Promised Messiah!

“Lord, now you are letting your servant depart in peace, according to your Word.”

Luke 2:29

The following pages are free printables for kids to use as they listen to Epiphany: Simeon Sees the Light of the World Episode 035.

Coloring Page

This coloring page can be printed for free for kids to color as they memorize their Bible verse this week.

Epiphany Coloring Page Ep. 035

Activity Sheet

This activity sheet is for older kids who can read and write. The activity sheet is helpful for kids to complete during the podcast devotion, and parents can also use it to help direct their conversation for further discussion over the devotion topic.

Epiphany Activity Sheet Ep. 035

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