Joseph Is Sold Into Slavery | Ep. 039

Joseph’s brothers despised and hated him. When the opportunity presented itself, they eagerly plotted to kill Joseph. They ended up throwing him into a pit, and then selling Joseph into slavery for 20 silver shekels. Though his brothers meant evil against him, God meant it for good. God is working behind the scenes to bring about His plan to save millions of people from death.

Bible Reading

Our Bible reading is from Genesis 37:12-35 and we read the story of how Joseph’s brothers betrayed him and sold him into slavery.

“And the patriarchs, jealous of Joseph, sold him into Egypt, but God was with him.”

Acts 7:9

What Are We Slaves To?

In each of our lives, we choose to either obey God and follow Him, or we choose to allow sin to control us. Paul (in Romans 6:17-18) uses the example of being slaves to help us understand what happens when we choose to follow either God or sin. We are born sinful and because of that, we become slaves to sin. Through Jesus’ death and resurrection, He has set us free from sin. We are no longer slaves to sin, but rather slaves to righteousness – which means that we willingly follow Jesus and His teachings, and we choose to obey God.

Kid’s Resources

Our devotion has a coloring page and activity sheet that kids can fill out while listening to our devotion, or they can be used afterward for a family devotion time. Find them at:

Devotion Resources and Rundown

[2:17] The Lord’s Prayer
[3:02] Bible Reading Pt. 1: Genesis 37:12-25
[4:58] Kid’s Devotion Pt. 1
[7:44] Bible Reading Pt. 2: Genesis 37:25-35
[9:31] Kid’s Devotion Pt. 2
[11:45] Faith Word of the Day: “Slavery”
[13:40] Memory Verse: Acts 7:9
[17:45] Closing

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