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Hi, I'm Marifaith!

Welcome to Donuts and Devos, where we connect kids to Christ! This site will help you grow your kid’s faith, right at home!


"All your children will be taught by Jesus, and your children's peace will be great." Isaiah 54:13

We are instructed to teach our children, but our busy schedules don't make it very easy. Here you will find encouraging articles, written devotions, and faith-based advice to help you as you bring your children up in the faith.



"...blessed are those who hear the word of God, and keep it." Luke 11:28

New episodes of the show will be released every Wednesday. This podcast is created specially for kids to help make the Bible come alive for them! Your kids will be begging to be "sprinkled" with God's Word!



“Allow the little children, and don’t forbid them to come to me; for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to ones like these.” Matthew 19:14

Welcome to our Resources for kids! You'll find free printables like coloring pages, activity sheets, Bible cards, and more!  These resources are meant to provide additional learning tools for growing kids' faith!


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Latest Episodes & Posts

Israel Abandons God | Ep. 107

The Israelites failed to drive out all the people in the Promised Land and now “they will be thorns in your side,” according to the Lord. The influence of the Canaanites, the people they were supposed to drive out, took over and the Israelites abandoned...

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Israel Fails to Finish Conquest | Ep. 106

God had wanted the Israelites to drive the people completely out of the Promised Land. But they didn’t, and all these different tribes of people were now living with the Israelites in the Promised Land. These people worked as the Israelites’ slaves, which of course,...

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Who is Israel Going to Be? | Ep. 105

With God’s help, the Israelites just conquered the Promised Land…well, most of it. They didn’t get the conquest completely finished. And they also made the peace with the Hivites, and they didn’t always follow all the instructions of the Lord. Without Joshua leading the people,...

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Israel Is At Rest | Ep. 104

God has given Israel’s enemies over to them, and they have been victorious. But now with the defeat of the Southern and Northern kingdoms, the Israelites have officially won the war. That means peace for the land. But peace for whom? Our story today serves...

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