Creation coloring pages

Creation Coloring Pages

Just today I asked my two older children, “What questions would you ask God (if you could) about when He created the world?” My 5-year-old daughter quickly piped up and said, “I’d ask Him how He did it!!” I laughed and quickly explained the power of God’s Word, His actual Word in this case!

I find that little children are always fascinated with Creation and love talking about what animals were created and why. These creation coloring pages were created for kids to enjoy coloring various all the different days of creation and learning in what order God created the world! Families can use these while listening to our podcast episode or reading our devotion over Creation.

Just click on the links below, download and print these free printables!

This devotion can be used with the Donuts and Devos Podcast for kids (Episode 1) or on its own as a personal or family devotion. Free coloring pages and activity sheets for children are available to download and print. Please share with other families to help bring God’s Word into homes in a fun and engaging new way! If you have a specific Biblical topic you’d like us to talk about on Donuts and Devos, we’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment or email us at

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