Coloring Pages

Free printable coloring pages for our younger listeners of our podcast who “do-nut” read quite yet! Little ones can enjoy the Donuts and Devos show while coloring specially made pages designed specifically for the week’s devotion. They will also have a chance to work on their ABC’s as each weekly devotional coloring page will also feature the memory verse of the week.

God Commissions Moses | Ep. 079

Joshua was the new leader of the Israelite’s after Moses’ death. He would be the man to lead them into the Promised Land and face the unknowns of such a task. Joshua would speak the Law to them, the same words that Moses spoke to them. God made sure that Joshua knew that he would …

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Moses’ Farewell to Israel | Ep. 078

Deuteronomy means, “second law”. It’s a book that reviews all the laws God has given them. These laws were set in place to help the people and strengthen their faith in God. The people were going to come up against many things in Canaan that would tempt them to turn away from God. So as …

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The Greatest Commandment | Ep. 077

It was almost time for the Israelites to enter the Promised Land. But before they do, Moses spends some time reminding the people of God’s covenant with them that was made on Mount Sinai. Among the laws and commandments that God desired His people to follow and obey, there wasone commandment that stood above the …

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Joshua Becomes A Leader | Ep. 076

Moses was old and nearing the time of his death. He wasn’t going to be allowed to go into the land that God was going to give them. He had rebelled against God’s Word; he didn’t show the people that God’s Word was holy and absolute! So God punished him. Moses could see the land, …

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God Speaks Through Balaam | Ep. 075

Remember Balaam’s talking donkey? It served it’s purpose to show Balaam his foolishness and open his eyes to his sin of greed and lust for wealth. He was finally ready to hear God’s Word, not ignore it. While Balak, prince of Moab, wanted Balaam to curse the Israelites, God had no intention of having His …

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