Adam and Eve: The First Family | Ep. 003

Even though God’s Creation was perfect, somethng was missing for Adam. While he named all the animals and cared for God’s creation, there was no helper suitable for him. So God filled in the missing piece and from man came woman – and the very first family was created!

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Show Notes

God made woman for man when He saw that no other helper was suitable for Adam. In doing so, He created the very first family! We are not meant to be alone; we are intended to be be with those who love and care for us.

Adam and Eve became the very first parents, from where all of us come from. Through Eve, which in Hebrew comes from the word that means “living”, we were given life!

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2 thoughts on “Adam and Eve: The First Family | Ep. 003”

  1. The podcast is such a wonderful idea, and you are doing a great job, Marifaith. I wish I would have had something like this when my children and grandchildren were young.

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