God Visits Abraham Activity Sheet | Ep. 015

In order to better understand the actions of Abraham here, we have to put ourselves in his shoes. He and his household are nomads, that is, wanderers. God called Abraham to follow Him and go whever he tells him to go, and Abraham does, traveling all along the fertile crescent at God’s direction. Moving from place to place, they probably didn’t get too many visitors. On this day, not long after God changed Abram’s name to Abraham and told him he would name his son Isaac, God appears to Abraham, along with 2 angels. We don’t know the identity of the 3 visitors right away at the beginning, but as the visit takes place, we hear one man saying and promising things that no one else in the world would ever dare to say or promise. And of course, it’s the same promise we’ve been hearing God make to Abraham for 25 years!

“The Lord has done great things for us, we are glad!”

Psalm 126:3

Use this activity sheet for kids to follow along with our podcast devotion on Donuts and Devos!

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God Visits Abraham Activity Sheet Ep. 015

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