God Visits Jacob in a Dream Coloring Page/Activity Sheet | Ep. 026

Isaac blessed Jacob again and sent him off to travel back to Rebekah’s (his mom’s) homeland, the land Abraham lived in before coming to the Promised Land,  to find a wife. It isn’t going to be an easy journey, and up until now, Jacob doesn’t really seem to have a relationship or understanding of who God is. But all that is about to change! Find out how in our Episode 026 devotion on Donuts and Devos!

“Behold I am with you and will keep you wherever you go, and will bring you back to this land.”

Genesis 28:15

Our coloring page is our memory verse this week that reminds us that just as God promised to be with Jacob, so He promises to be with us wherever we go.

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God Visits Jacob in A Dream Ep. 026

God Visits Jacob in A Dream Activity Sheet Ep. 026

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