Joseph Takes Care of His Family | Ep. 043

Joseph is reunited with his brothers after many years apart. He sends his brothers back to Canaan to bring back his father and the rest of their family. The famine is so bad that Joseph will now take care of his family in Goshen, the land given to them by Pharaoh.

Bible Reading

Our Bible reading is from Genesis 45:13-46:7. We read how Joseph provided provisions to bring his father and family back to Egypt. God appeared to Israel again in a dream, telling him that He would be with Jacob and his descendents as they moved into Egypt.

“I myself will go down with you to Egypt, and I will also bring you up again.”

Genesis 46:4

Reconciled to God

Reconciled means to restore in friendship, or if we look at the Greek origin, it comes from a word group that means “to change”. Joseph’s brothers truly did change, and as it turned out, Joseph ended up taking care of his entire family! Through Jesus’ death, we are reconciled to God. His Love is poured out on us and we become His children, as He takes our sins away and forgives us.

Kid’s Resources

Our devotion has a coloring page and activity sheet that kids can fill out while listening to our devotion, or they can be used afterward for a family devotion time. Find them at: .

Show Notes

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[3:13] The Lord’s Prayer
[3:57] Bible Reading: Genesis 45:13-46:7
[7:20] Kid’s Devotion
[10:37] Faith Word of the Day: “Reconciled”
[12:32] Memory Verse: Genesis 46:4
[15:29] Closing

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