Moses Runs Away | Ep. 047

God’s appointed leader of the Israelites, Moses, fled into the wilderness after killing an Egyptian man. He was being prepared by God to step in and deliver His people the Israelites from Egypt, from their slavery, and from their groaning.

Our Bible Reading is from Exodus 2:11-25.

God saw the people of Israel – and God knew.

Exodus 2:25

An Omniscient Presence

God knows everything and He sees everything too! God saw Moses when he killed the Egyptian. God saw his people when they were trapped in slavery. And God sees you too, every second of every day. Moses ran away from what he’d done, scared for his life! God knew the plans He had for Moses, and used this experience to show Moses that he alone couldn’t save people. God saw the pain His people were in and He had an amazing plan to save them. And He knows everything about you and has an amazing plan for you too. We can never hide from God, nor should we want to.

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