Passing Over God’s People | Ep. 055

The land of Egypt is devastated from the nine plagues that God sent after Pharaoh’s unbelief and hardened heart, God threatens one more final plague – the death of every firstborn male. Except for the Iraelites – the angel of death will “pass over” them by the protection of a lamb’s blood.

Our Bible reading is from Exodus 11 and 12.

“And when I see the blood, I will pass over you and no plague shall befall you to destroy you.”

Exodus 12:13


God gave His people a way of salvation from the death of their firstborn sons—by the death of a lamb. The people were to take a lamb – a lamb as close to perfect looking as possible. Then they were to sacrifice it, take some of the blood, and paint the doorframes of their houses with it. When the Angel of death comes, he will see the lamb’s blood, and he will pass over their house, and their sons would be spared.

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