God Changes Jacob’s Name | Ep. 037

At one time, Jacob may have thought life was all about him, but God reminds him it’s about the people – His people, Israel. And God promises to be their God, and protect and save them! We see this transition in Genesis of it no longer being about Jacob, but about God’s people.

Bible Reading

Our Bible reading for our devotion is from Genesis 35:1-14 as we read how God changes Jacob’s name and confirms what He previously promised to Adam and Abraham and Isaac. This Promise He makes to Israel, the nation that would come from Jacob’s line!

“And God said to him, “Your name is Jacob; no longer shall your name be called Jacob, but Israel shall be your name.”

Genesis 35:10

A God Who Fights For His People

God strives, or fights, for His people the Israelites, as we see continuously throughout the Bible. God strives for the safety of His people, just as He does now for us. He is our God and we are His people. He protects us and fights for us against our enemies. As He protected His people then, He protects and loves YOU now!

Kids’ Resources

Our devotion has a coloring page and activity sheet that kids can fill out while listening to our devotion, or they can be used afterward for a family devotion time. Find them at: http://donutsanddevos.com/god-changes-jacobs-name-coloring-page-activity-sheet-ep-037/

Devotion Rundown

Here’s the rundown of our devotion this week:

[2:30] The Lord’s Prayer
[3:11] Bible Story: Genesis 35:1-14
[4:37] Kid’s Devotion
[7:45] Faith Word of the Day: “Israel”
[9:40] Memory Verse: Genesis 35:10
[13:25] Closing

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