Idle People: Making Bricks Without Straw | Ep. 051

The people of Israel were truly oppressed in Egypt. Things were getting worse and worse, and it became more and more clear that these people needed a savior. God sends Moses to take the people away from this place of hardship and oppression. The people were ready to leave – they wanted to be freed from their horrible treatment and all the hard work they had to do every day. But Pharaoh doesn’t want to let them go! And so he makes their workload even harder!

Our Bible reading is from Exodus 5:1-23.

Thus says the Lord, “Let my people go.”

Exodus 5:1

Idle People

Pharaoh called the Israelites an idle people because of their desire to worship God. Idle means to avoid doing work, being lazy, and spending time doing nothing. Clearly, the Hebrews were not idle people. They were being worked very hard, and they did want a time to rest and sacrifice to the Lord.  When we spend time in God’s Word, we are not wasting our time away or being lazy. We are learning about God, and His Word strengthens and teaches us for the work we do throughout the day.

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