“Moses Returns To Egypt” Printable Kid’s Resources | Ep. 050

God tells Moses to leave Midian, the country of his wife, and travel to be with his relatives, the Israelites, in Egypt. Moses was to go to Pharoah, say “Let my people go,” and then God was going to do signs and wonders in Egypt to show His power over Pharoah and the Egyptians, and save His people.

“But I will harden his heart so he will not let the people go.”

Exodus 4:21b

The following pages are free printables for kids to use as they listen to the podcast devotion “Moses Returns To Egypt | Ep. 050”.

Coloring Page and Activity Sheet

This orginally designed coloring page features our Memory Verseand was created by Jamie Truwe from Pure Joy Creative. It can be printed for free for kids to color as they memorize their Bible verse this week. You can follow Jamie on Facebook at Pure Joy Creative and also on Instagram.

Moses Returns to Egypt Coloring Page Ep. 050

Moses Returns to Egypt Activity Sheet Ep. 050

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