Joseph and His Jealous Brothers | Ep. 038

Joseph and his jealous brothers didn’t have the best of relationships! Their father Israel loved Joseph more than all of his other sons, and favored him above all the others. Joseph was a bit of an arrogant teenager, which didn’t help the family dynamics at all. Joseph’s jealous brothers despised and hated him, especially after Joseph had two dreams that foretold the future.

Bible Reading

Our Bible reading is from Genesis 37:1-11 and we learn about the relationships between Israel, Joseph, and his brothers. There was a lot of hatred, bitterness, and jealousy that existed between the brothers.

“A tranquil heart gives life to the flesh, but envy makes the bones rot.”

Proverbs 14:30

Jealousy vs. Tranquility

Joseph’s brothers could have chosen to treat him with love instead of being jealous and hateful. Jealousy makes you feel angry and mad, and it becomes very hard to see all the blessings that God gives you. If we focus on what we have been given, instead of what we don’t have, we will be filled with peace and joy.

Kid’s Resources

Our devotion has a coloring page and activity sheet that kids can fill out while listening to our devotion, or they can be used afterward for a family devotion time. Find them at: .

Devotion Resources and Rundown

Here’s the rundown of our devotion:

[2:39] The Lord’s Prayer
[3:26] Bible Story: Genesis 37:11
[5:25] Kid’s Devotion
[10:00] Faith Word of the Day: “Jealousy”
[13:07] Memory Verse: Proverbs 14:30
[16:15] Closing

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