“Staff, Serpents and Signs” Printable Kid’s Resources | Ep. 053

God gives Pharoah a chance to believe Moses and let His people go. Aaron threw his wooden staff on the ground before Pharoah and it became a snake. Even though Pharaoh’s magicians also turned their staffs into snakes, Aaron’s snake ended up eating all the others, proving that God was in charge!

The Egyptians shall know that I am the Lord, when I stretch out my hand against Egypt.

Exodus 7:5

The following pages are free printables for kids to use as they listen to the podcast devotion “Staffs, Serpents and SIgns | Ep. 053”.

Coloring Page and Activity Sheet

This orginally designed coloring page features our Memory Verse and was created by Jamie Truwe from Pure Joy Creative. It can be printed for free for kids to color as they memorize their Bible verse this week. You can follow Jamie on Facebook at Pure Joy Creative and also on Instagram.

Staffs, Serpents and Signs Coloring Page Ep. 053

Staffs, Serpents and Signs Activity Page Ep. 053

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