Joseph Tests His Brothers | Ep. 042

Joseph’s brothers came to Egypt during the second year of the predicted famine for grain. They didn’t recognize Joseph, and Joseph decided to test his brothers to see if they had changed hearts from when he last saw them. The guilt of their past actions towards their brother weighed heavily on the 12 brothers, and they took responsibility of their past actions before God.

Bibe Reading

Our Bible reading is from chapters 42 and 45 of Genesis. These chapters outline the events that took place as Joseph tested his brothers to determmine if they had repented from their actions towards him.

“God has found out the guilt of your servants.”

Genesis 44:16

Justified, Not Guilty

Our sin makes us guilty before God and each other. When we take responsibility of our sin and acknowledge our sinfulness, we can say “I’m sorry” and truly mean it, asking God and others for forgiveness.

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